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Dr. Monika Stojek is a licensed and board-certified clinical psychologist. She specializes in evidence-based psychotherapy for people experiencing anxiety, loss of control over eating, and changes in emotional and social functioning resulting from stressful experiences. Dr. Stojek offers effective treatments for the following:

  • Anxiety and excessive worry

  • Social anxiety

  • Health-related anxiety

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder

  • Depression

  • Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complicated grief

  • Disordered eating marked by compulsive behaviors, for example:

    • Bulimia nervosa

    • Binge eating disorder

  • Emotional suffering resulting in self-harm and suicidal thoughts


Dr. Stojek practices cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), including exposure therapies and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Dr. Stojek is a scientist-practitioner, so her clinical interventions are guided by the latest research in the field. Dr. Stojek values partnership and “collaborative empiricism” in therapy – interventions are designed together with clients. Over the course of treatment, clients experiment with new behaviors and perspectives, testing their own assumptions and hypotheses about them – therefore applying empirical principles in therapy. Dr. Stojek balances the change process with an accepting and compassionate stance toward her clients.


Dr. Stojek completed her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at the University of Georgia, where she received training in cognitive-behavioral therapy for various emotional difficulties and eating disorders, dialectical behavior therapy for borderline personality disorder, and motivational interviewing for addictive disorders. She completed her internship at the Medical College of Georgia and Charlie Norwood VA, where she specialized in psychology of women, including extensive training in treating PTSD and other consequences of sexual trauma. She pursued her post-doctoral fellowship at the Uniformed Services University and National Institutes of Health, with a focus on youth obesity and dysregulated eating. Dr. Stojek went on to become a clinical assistant professor at the Emory University Psychiatry Department for four years, where she provided therapy and supervision to trainees under the auspices of the intensive outpatient program specializing in prolonged exposure for PTSD in post-9/11 veterans. Recently, she relocated to Poland (where she is originally from) where she is an associate professor and a director of the Trauma, Health, and Eating (Thrive) Lab at the University of Silesia. She also continues to collaborate with her colleagues as an adjunct professor at Emory University School of Medicine, and maintains her license to see clients located in the state of Georgia.


Dr. Stojek has published numerous articles on PTSD, impact of trauma on health and eating behavior, dysregulated eating, and addictive behaviors (full research profile and articles available on ResearchGate: She is a member of several professional associations and a certified consultant in prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD. She strives to constantly update her knowledge in clinical psychology to provide the highest quality care to her clients.

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