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Group Therapy

The Anxiety Skills Group is a weekly opportunity to virtually connect and support each other in practicing new ways to respond to anxiety.

Each week, we check-in briefly about our experiences, practice, concerns, and wins from the previous week. We discuss helpful themes that are common for nearly all people with anxiety and plan how we each can practice a new exposure or skill. We break out to complete our individual mini-practices and then come back together to talk about our experiences and learn from each other!

Is Anxiety Skills Group right for me?

  • I have felt stuck in the fear or anxiety cycle, like anxiety is yanking me around.

  • It is often difficult to separate my thoughts and worries from who I am.

  • I am often in “thinking mode” instead of present in the moment.

  • My anxiety keeps me from doing things or living my life the way I want.

  • I have felt alone, like people don’t get it, or bad about myself because of anxiety.

  • I have a current therapist for anxiety, and I have talked with them about joining Anxiety Skills Group.

  • I have started Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy and believe it is helpful for my concerns.

  • I am willing to share about my emotions, urges, and experiences in therapy for anxiety (P.S. it’s A-okay to be nervous!).

  • I would like more practice using coping skills for anxiety that help break the cycle.

  • It would be comforting to meet other people who are also working on anxiety-related therapy goals.

  • I might even feel satisfied by exchanging ideas about what has worked best for me in different situations.

  • I am willing to attend Anxiety Skills Group most weeks.

  • I can commit to helping protect everyone’s privacy by being in a private place for group and never sharing the link.


When: Wednesdays 12pm-1pm, starting 02/18/23.

Cost: $50 per session.
Use CPT code 90853 for out-of-network insurance reimbursement.

Virtual only: A link will be sent to you via email.

Join by referral only: Ask your therapist to
contact Dr. Petri and provide your email address.

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