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Hanin Burnham is the Practice Coordinator at the Anxiety and Trauma Clinic of Atlanta. She brings a unique and valuable perspective to our team. With a background in teaching and a genuine passion for facilitating the well-being of our clients, Hanin plays a pivotal role in ensuring that each individual receives the highest quality of mental health care.

Before joining the Anxiety and Trauma Clinic of Atlanta, Hanin spent five years as a teacher in the Atlanta area. Thanks to her classroom experience, she possesses exceptional organizational and communication skills that seamlessly translate into her administrative role. Her experience in managing classrooms and creating structured learning environments has honed her ability to manage schedules, coordinate appointments, and maintain a smoothly running clinic. These skills also enable Hanin to effectively communicate with clients, therapists, and staff members, ensuring that everyone's needs are met efficiently and professionally.

What truly sets Hanin apart is their unwavering dedication to improving the lives of the clients at our practice. Hanin understands that a well-organized and welcoming environment can greatly contribute to the therapeutic process. By combining her teaching background with their commitment to supporting the well-being of others, Hanin plays a vital role in creating a nurturing space where clients can thrive on their path to healing.

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