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Stephanie (Steph) Jeffirs is a clinician in training at the Anxiety and Trauma Clinic of Atlanta. She comes to ATC with a wealth of training and experience in the treatment of OCD, anxiety, traumatic stress, and eating concerns. 

Steph obtained her bachelor's degree in psychology from Clemson University, and worked at the Medical University of South Carolina as a research assistant on a team dedicated to investigating the relationship between PTSD and alcohol/substance use in Veterans. Since then, she has graduated with her masters in Clinical Psychology in May 2022 and is expected to graduate with her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Auburn University in August 2025. During her training, Steph has conducted therapy in a variety of settings, and most recently completed a year-long practicum experience at the Emory Adult OCD & Anxiety Intensive Program.

Steph specializes in evidence-based treatments for trauma and PTSD, anxiety, OCD, and eating concerns. She utilizes principles from cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) in order to best assess and treat individual’s concerns using empirically-informed treatments. Steph is passionate about considering each patients’ unique identities in treatment and strives to use cultural humility in clinical practice.

Steph continues to conduct work in a research capacity, where she focuses on (1) the psychometric properties of assessments for PTSD and trauma-related constructs, and (2) the evaluation of the diagnostic classification system’s definition of trauma.

Steph is enthusiastic about self-care, and enjoys watching new movies and starting new television shows, exploring new places, and planning the next trip with her family.

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